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In most places everyone is busy trying to convince you how anointed they are. The idea is that they have the anointing to pray for you if only you could sow seeds, give financial donations …AND DO NOTHING ELSE!

They continue to give you pieces of fish to eat but never teaching you how to fish. This was not the principle Jesus taught us in the Bible, for He said in John 14:12, that 'greater works than these shall we do if we believe in him.'

All over the bible we have inferences of the call to prayer; Luke 18:1, Romans 12:12, 1st Thessalonians 5:17, 1st Timothy 2:8, Phillipians 4:6, Matthew 21:13, Mark 11:17& 24, Luke 19:46 and Isaiah 56:7.

The disciples' did not ask Jesus to pray for them but to teach them how to pray, and in Matthew chapter 6 Jesus taught them the principles of prayer.

Now what happens when you get those spiritual attacks in the middle of the night when the man of God is unreachable? Who will pray for you?

We do the exact opposite…

We will demonstrate to you that YOU have the anointing within you to pray for yourself and get results! “You mean I am anointed?” you ask. The answer is YES, YES, YES!!! Let me explain…

You see, the moment you gave your life to Christ, the Anointing came to live within you. This is why the Bible talks about “the anointing we have received… (1st John 2:27)" referring to everyone who has accepted JESUS as their Lord and Saviour.

What you do with the anointing INSIDE you subsequently is what makes all the difference. You have 3 options:


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Option 1

You could allow your anointing to remain dormant … in which case your Christian life will be marked by frustration and despair; nothing to show for it… year in, year out. You could be a good Christian, righteous and holy but die like a spiritual Lazarus if you do not pray, confront and conquer.

Option 2

You could run all over the place seeking for “highly anointed” people to transfer their anointing to you by giving you a piece of cloth and prophesying over you… in which case, failure and unfulfilled promises will punctuate your life, every step of the way.

Option 3

You may decide, “Enough is enough.” I have the anointing deposited right inside of me. I will arise and take whatever steps are necessary to activate this anointing in my life…

Apostolic Ministry Training

City Takers Club is an arm of the Acts of Christ Mission. City Takers Club is an Apostolic Prayer Training website. The Mission of City Takers Club is to raise a people of power for the kingdom of God in the nations of the earth through the understanding of apostolic prayers, imparting, empowering and releasing them to replicate in all nations of the world.

What Do We Offer

City Takers Club offers a wide variety of Apostolic Training Resources. Specialised training is delivered using a variety of media such as, audio, podcasts, videos, Live Streaming, Webcasts and Commentaries.

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