1. PSALMS 103:19-20. O’ ye Host of heaven, go forth and pull down every barrier and opposition to my victory in this case in Jesus name.
2. PSALMS 24:7-10. In the name of Jesus, I command, let any gate of darkness mounted against my victory and re-instatement lift up their heads and let the mercy of the king of glory take over in Jesus name.
3. ISAIAH 43:1-4. Oh Lord my Father, let your mercy prevail in this case in Jesus name. Whosoever and whatsoever need to be moved for my favour and victory in this case, let them be moved by the finger of God in Jesus name.
4. PSALMS 29:4-8 and JEREMIAH 1:9-10. By the voice and by the word of God, let every mountain of opposition erected against me in the mind of those involve in determining this case be pulled down now in Jesus name.
5. ISAIAH 54:17. By the word of God, I condemn every voice raised against me in judgement in this case to die without remedy in Jesus name.
6. PSALMS 5:11. The Lord will defend me and any evidence against me in this case shall melt away by fire in Jesus name.
7. PSALMS 5:12. The Lord shall surround me with favour as a shield and all evidence against me shall be replaced with compassion and tender heartedness in Jesus name.
8. PSALMS 83:1-18. Let every crafty counsel and conspiracy against me in this case fail woefully in Jesus name. Lord, persecute them with your tempest and make them afraid with your storm in Jesus name.
9. PSALMS 333:10 & JOB 5:12. My father and my God, bring their counsel to nought and disappoint their devices, let them not be able to perform their wicked plans against me in Jesus name.
10. ISAIAH 44:24. O’ Lord, frustrate their tokens of lies, make their diviners mad, turn their wise men backward and make their knowledge foolishness in Jesus name.
11. ISAIAH 46:10-11. The Lord shall raise men to fight my cause and His counsel alone shall stand in Jesus name.
12. PSALMS 110:3 & PROVERBS 21:1. In the days of my visitation the people shall be willing, for the heart of men is in His hand. O’LORD, turn their heart favourably towards me in this case in Jesus name.
13. MICAH7:11. In the day that my walls are to be built, the decree shall be far removed. Lord for my sake, let all rules, laws, regulations and procedures be suspended and removed in Jesus name.
14. LUKE 12:11-12 & 21:13-15. Throughout this case, the Lord will give me utterance, He will fill my mouth with wisdom which all my adversaries shall not be able to contradict nor resist in Jesus name.
15. ISAIAH 2:11. Lord, humble the lofty look of men let their haughtiness be bowed down. Let the LORD alone be exalted in Jesus name.
16. Thank you Lord for victory and answered prayers. I declare that I shall testify in JESUS NAME.



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8th July 2017


  1. Please pray for me, I’ve been being attacked so much in my life. I’m in the middle of a divorce, I lost my apartment I’ve been dealt by with severe anxiety and depression I recently got into a car accident. I feel like my life is falling apart, I’m trying to draw closer to God but I feel so hopeless and desolate. Please pray for restoration and deliverance and protection.

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