Revelation 12:11, Philippians 2:9-11, Matthew 16:19 & 18:18, Isaiah 10:1, Numbers 14:28, Psalms 27:6-7, 30:1-7 & 55:8-9, Job 22:28, Proverbs 14:1 & 16, 18:21, Nahum 3:4



1. Oh Lord have mercy upon me and forgive me for any unfruitful contributions that brought about my present marital situation in JESUS name. (IJN)
2. Oh Lord, repair any broken foundations of my relationship and bring honey back to my marriage IJN.
3. Every satanic power assigned against my marriage, I rebuke you in Jesus name; I overcome you by the Blood of Jesus and I command you paralysed and be bound in Jesus name.
4. I render to nought, every evil counsel and imagination against my marriage IJN
5. Oh Lord, let your axe of fire fall on the root of my marital problems and cut it down completely IJN.
6. Let the finger of God pull down the stronghold of problem affecting my marriage IJN.
7. I bind the spirit of confusion, misunderstanding and dislikeness that is ruling me and my spouse in Jesus name.
8. By the power of the Holy Ghost, let every power militating against companionship, relationship, faithfulness and marriage bliss in our home, be destroyed by fire IJN.
9. Any power stealing my husband (wife) glory, preventing him/her from living as a true member of this family, I command you to be paralysed IJN.
10. Any satanic bird and evil powers eating away love and determination of my husband/wife to stay married to me, in the name of Jesus, I bind you and command you to vomit it IJN.
11. I renounce and denounce any evil spiritual marriage contract that my spouse and I may have entered into, in Jesus name.
12. Any spirit of anger, strife, pride rebellion, selfishness, hatred, impatience, cruelty, lying, fear, worry, competition, criticism, hard words, extravagance and fighting in my marriage, be bound IJN.
13. Every anti-marriage and wicked arrow fired against my home, in the name of Jesus backfire.
14. By the blood of Jesus, I cancel and revoke every satanic plan against my home and marriage IJN
15. I command every evil design fashioned against my marriage and home to fail woefully IJN.
16. I withdraw my home and marriage from the altar of marriage destroyers IJN.
17. I bind every spirit of conflict and I paralyse every architect of hostility in my marriage and home in Jesus name.
18. I command every contrary wind blowing against my marriage to cease in Jesus name
19. I command any cloud of darkness over my marriage to fade away by force IJN
20. By the power of the Holy Spirit, I break every yoke of marriage failure in our home IJN
21. I come against every spirit of laziness, accusation, aggression, stubbornness, unforgiveness, frustration, intolerance, humiliation and insensitivity in Jesus name.
22. I bind every spirit of immorality and adultery in my home and family lineage IJN.
23. In the name of Jesus, I bind every spirit of Ahab and Jezebel, and destroy their hold over my marriage in Jesus name.
24. I command every evil counsel against my marital life to collapse in Jesus name.
25. Any curse issued against my marriage, be cancelled now by the blood of Jesus IJN.
26. Every demonic mark and invocation against my marriage be revoked in Jesus name.
27. I command every anti-marriage covenant against me and my spouse to be revoked and to break IJN.
28. Any marriage of my husband/wife to any spirit entity, by the blood of Jesus be dissolved in Jesus name.
29. Any evil power claiming ownership of my spouse and holding my husband/wife away from me, I command you bound in Jesus name; release him/her by fire IJN.
30. I overcome every spirit of marriage destruction by the blood of Jesus; I command you bound in Jesus name.
31. By the power of the Holy Ghost, I release my spouse from any demonic cage IJN.
32. Holy Spirit, purge my husband/wife of any evil smell and pour the perfume of favour on him/her in Jesus name.
33. Every conspiracy against my marriage, I command you to collapse and scatter IJN.
34. Whatever pollution and corruption that have entered my marriage, I command you to drain out by fire in Jesus name.
35. I sanctify my marriage with the blood of Jesus in Jesus name.
36. I decree and declare reconciliation between me and my spouse in Jesus name.
37. Holy Spirit, brood over my home and breathe afresh upon my marriage IJN
38. Let the peace of God return and flow into my marriage in Jesus name.
39. I confess and declare that by the mercy and favour of the Almighty God, my marriage shall stand strong in Jesus name.
40. Thank you Lord for my marriage restoration. I bring the sacrifice of praise and thanksgiving unto you oh God, in Jesus name, AMEN.



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8th July 2017


  1. Dear Pastor, I have been out of job for two years and four months, and not having any income but have to feed and educate my children. I have been praying, but I need guidance on how to pray to get job employment very fast. Thank you for your consideration and time.

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