Please make these proclamation, confessions and prayers

1. JEREMIAH 17:14. Heal me O’ LORD, and I shall be healed, save me and I shall be saved; for you are my praise in Jesus     name.
2. DEUTERONOMY 7:15. The Lord will take away all sicknesses from me, He will put none of the evils diseases of Egypt on me .in Jesus name
3. Lord, recompense my enemies with all manner of evil diseases and sicknesses after the order of the Egyptians in Jesus name.
4. JOEL 3:21. O’ Lord of Host, purge my system and cleanse my blood from all evil deposits and demonic plantation in Jesus name.
5. MATTHEW 15:13. Anything not planted by my father God in my life, in the name of Jesus, be uprooted.
6. Sing this song in commanding tone as many times as you desire :

JUMP OUT O’, JUMP OUT; (twice)

7. ISAIAH 54:17. No weapon of affliction shall prosper in my body in Jesus name. I destroy every weapon of sickness in my body with the blood of Jesus in Jesus name.
8. JEREMIAH 23:29. Let the word of God, the word of fire visit my body and consume any evil growth in Jesus name.
9. Let the hammer of the word of God destroy completely any evil plantation in my body, in my life and in my family in Jesus name
10. GALATIANS 6:17. Because I bear the mark of the Lord Jesus in my body, let no power or sickness trouble me from this day henceforth in Jesus name.
11. By the blood of Jesus, I take divine immunity and protection from every sickness and disease in Jesus name.
12. GALATIANS 5:10. By the blood of Jesus, I release divine judgment against any power that trouble me and against any sickness in my body in Jesus name.
13. ISAIAH 53:5. By the stripes laid on Jesus Christ on the cross of Calvary, I receive immediate divine healing and I am made whole in Jesus name.
14. ROMANS 8:11. Let the Spirit of God that raised Jesus from the dead, possess and quicken my mortal bodies and raise me to life in Jesus name.
15. EXODUS 23:25. The LORD GOD shall bless my bread & water daily; He will take away sicknesses from me and from my family members in Jesus name.
16. ISAIAH 33:2. O’ LORD my father be gracious unto me as I wait for you, be my arm every morning and grant me salvation also in time of trouble in Jesus name.
17. PSALM 107:13-14. The Lord shall save me from all distresses and deliver me from darkness and from the shadow of death in Jesus name.
18. PSALM 107:20. Let the word of God penetrate my body to bring me healing and deliver me from any destruction in Jesus name
19. PSALM 107:20. The Lord shall send His word for my healing and delivered me from all destruction in Jesus name
20. ISAIAH 58:8. The Lord will cause my light to break forth as the morning and my health shall spring forth speedily in Jesus name.
21. PSALM 91:10. There shall no evil befall me, neither shall any plague come near my dwelling in Jesus name
22. The glory of the Lord is my rear guard; therefore I recover quickly to wholeness in health in Jesus name.
23. PSALM 30:2. As I cried unto the Lord God of heaven, He will heal me and restore me to health in Jesus name
24. JEREMIAH 33:6. The Lord will bring me health and healing in Jesus name; He will heal me and show me abundance of peace and truth in Jesus name.
25. MALACHI 4:2. The Lord God Almighty shall cause the sun of righteousness to arise with healing in his wings upon my life and I shall go forth in health in Jesus name.
26. PSALM 92:13-14. Because I dwell in the house of the Lord, my God shall cause me to be healthy and flourishing, even in old age in Jesus name.
27. PSALM 138:8. In your mercy O’ Lord, perfect all that concerns me, my health and my family in Jesus name.
28. 3rd JOHN 1:2. I declare that by the mercy of God I shall live in health and proper in my body and soul in Jesus name.
29. SING THIS SONGS (many times).

I have a GOD who never fails (thrice);
Who never fails,
Who never fails,
Forever more.

30. PSALM 40:1 – 3. Declare these verses of the scriptures boldly in faith 3 times




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8th July 2017


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